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Homayoon is an Iranian composer and sound engineer born on the year 1987 in Tehran . He started playing Setar (Persian stringed instrument) at the age of 12 and by the time he was 18 he started djing for fun and that got him interested in the world of production and sound design . At that time he was already studying textile engineering in a university in Iran therefore he managed to study online and get his certificate in sound engineering , while also studying toward his bachelor in Textile Engineering . Later on eager to improve his skills as a composer/producer he started studying counterpoint , harmony , etc and finally meeting and taking lessons with Prof.Tengiz Shavlokhashvili changed his perspective in the world of music .

Homayoon travelled to the Netherlands to advance his musical knowledge and currently he is studying his master’s degree of composition at the HKU Conservatory of Utrecht with Caroline Ansink and Jeroen D’hoe.

He has composed music for Solo , Chamber , Orchestra , film music , animation and applications.Due to his variety of work he is also fluent in many professional recording softwares such as Reaper and FL Studio.