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May 2019

-Bridge of 33 (Soundtrack of an Adventure) for orchestra – choir and vocal quartet

-Remembrance  for alto singer and ensemble

-The Other Side of the Story  for alto singer and ensemble

September 2018

-Mass for a Wind quintet and a Double Choir by Igor Stravinsky (arrangement)

Commissioned by kamerkoor Collegium Utrecht .

April 2018

-The Final Days of Chapter 30 for Clarinet – Viola – Piano

Commissioned by Sebastian Koloski and Gaudeamus .

-Emotional Burdens for Solo Piano

Dedicated to Peter Sluijs 

-Yék for Solo Setar

-Three Screenshots for 13 Flutes

Commissioned by Flute Festival Utrecht Conservatorium

January 2018

-Soundtrack of a Poem for String Orchestra ( written for individual instruments )

Commissioned by HKU Conservatorium Utrecht

Dedicated to the victims of the earthquake in Kermanshah-Iran, Nov 2017.

December 2017

-Khakestari,خاکستری  for Violin – Piano


March 2017

-The Story of the the Tuberosa and the Organ for a mixed ensemble

Commissioned by Nu-trechte Ensemble and Henry Kelder

In Memoriam of Mohammad Nuri

December 2016

-Doubt(Saxophone solo no.1)  for Solo Saxophone

Dedicated to Lars Van Keymeulen

-Persepolis(String Quartet no.1) 


March 2016

-Elevation for Strings – Horn -Trombone – Timpani – Tubular Bells

February 2015

-Vitreous Enamel Suite for Wind Quintet – Solo Setar(Persian Stringed Instrument) .


Ditto – Listen & Play piano app for iOS devices

-Arranged and produced 15 tracks for DTT Multimedia.

-Available at : https://en.d-tt.nl/listen-and-play-music-app

“Soundtrack of a Poem” promo video 

-Music and video was created as the promo video for the premiere of the piece “Soundtrack of A Poem ”

-Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsZOdVdROVQ