Homayoon Kazemi

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I am an Iranian composer and sound engineer who creates music for various media and genres. I was born in Tehran in 1987 and started playing setar, an Iranian stringed instrument when I was 12. At 18, I discovered my passion for production and sound design through djing. I pursued my education in both textile engineering and sound engineering, earning a certificate in the latter online while studying at a university in Iran. Later, I studied counterpoint, harmony, and other musical skills with Prof. Tengiz Shavlokhashvili, who inspired me to become a professional composer.

I moved to the Netherlands to further my musical knowledge and obtained a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Composition from the HKU Conservatory of Utrecht with the help of Prof. Caroline Ansink. I have composed music for solo, chamber, orchestra, film, animation, and applications, using various professional recording software such as Reaper, FL Studio, Cubase, etc. I have also taught musical composition, theory, and sight reading to individual students and also at the Conservatory of Utrecht as a lecturer.

A few years ago, I founded my own company “2POINT5” based in the Netherlands. My goal is to provide professional multimedia solutions at a reasonable price.