An Audio-Visual composition and collaboration with Femke van den Bergh entitled “4 Pages of Her Book” for Bass clarinet and Loopy Pro.

The visuals were created in Touch designer, using a lidar camera, Kinect V2 and Touch designer.

The Premiere was at Prins Claus Conservatorium, Groningen, The Netherlands.


Composer and sound designer

I have had the honor to compose, produce, and sound design for this film.

A story of 4 characters devoured by daily life and struggles such as peer pressure, social media,…

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A Meditational Journey Concert at Zimihc Theater Utrecht

Inspired by Iranian traditional music, electronics, and improvisation.

An evening where I performed setar, piano, and electronics.

I really like performing with loop stations and different synthesizers as I believe the combination of these instruments with setar creates a great balance of sound.

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Composition Teacher

CelloWercken Zutphen 

“You are not going to defeat me,” I say
“I won’t be an egg which you would crack
in a hurry for the world,
a footbridge that you would take on the way to your life.
I will defend myself.”

Fragment from ‘Maternity’  schrijfster Anna Swir (1909–1984)

I participated in this beautiful project as the composition coach, we had participants from China and Netherlands composing music for cello, piano and toy piano.

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Composer and sound designer

Morphos is about the chemical processes that take place in our bodies after we die.

Phase 1: The blood is no longer pumped around so that the lower part of the body becomes heavier and the upper part lighter and lighter.

Stage 2: The body stiffens, especially the arms, legs, jaw, neck, and eyelids.

Phase 3: The heat disappears from the body. The body takes the temperature of the environment and this is the first phase in which the body becomes one with our environment.

Phase 4: Because the skin stands upright, the hair seems to grow. A wonderful illusion.

Stage 5: The bacteria, which have always been good friends in our digestive system, begin to eat the body.

Stage 6: The skin becomes loose. The old “coat” is shed.

Phase 7: The final phase; The body disintegrates. Atoms evaporate to be something else for a while.

Direction, camera, editing, clothing, and choreography: Nienke Jorissen

Choreography and dance: Wies Berkhout


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I was one of the four finalist of the STIPENDIUM RFO, It was an honor to be nominated for this prize which was a chance to compose for the Radio Filharmonisch Orkest.

Het Radio Filharmonisch Orkest kent jaarlijks een stipendium toe aan een jonge talentvolle componist. De winnaar wordt de kans geboden een jaar lang met het orkest mee te lopen en bovendien twee stukken te componeren. In Podium Klassiek Extra volgen we de vier kandidaten en de uiteindelijke winnaar.


The Radio Philharmonic Orchestra awards an annual stipend to a young talented composer. The winner will be offered the opportunity to join the orchestra for a year and to compose two pieces. In Podium Klassiek Extra we follow the four candidates and the final winner.


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